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Tips for better results

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Not getting code that resembles your screenshot enough? Try these tips:

  1. Try a different model - We support 3 best in-class models (GPT-4 Turbo (Apr 2024), GPT-4 Vision (Nov 2023), Claude 3 Sonnet). Depending on the exact screenshot and design, one model can perform significantly better than another model.
Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 4 08 03 PM
  1. Regenerate multiple times - Use the Regenerate button to easily re-try a generation. AI can be a bit random and one generation could be a lot better than the others.
Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 4 07 06 PM
  1. In a follow-up, tell the AI what it missed or got wrong
  2. For longer pages, one technique that works well is chopping the page up into smaller pieces, converting them individually to code and piecing them together.

Which model is better?

GPT-4 Turbo ranks slightly higher on our evaluations than GPT-4 Vision and Claude 3 Sonnet. But one model might perform significantly better than another model on certain screenshots. Here's a helpful comparison of the three:

GPT-4 Turbo

  • Good at matching colors and fonts

GPT-4 Vision

  • Good at matching colors and fonts

Claude 3 Sonnet

  • Faster
  • Better at not being lazy with larger/longer screenshots

How to fix my problem

  • Problem: The generated code is missing many elements. Solution: Try Claude 3 Sonnet or write a follow-up prompt asking the AI: "Please fill in the missing pieces and make it look exactly like the reference screenshot"
  • Problem: The font doesn't match. Solution: Instruct the AI with the exact font

Still not getting the best results?

We'd love to hear from you so we can improve our model. Email us at with your screenshot.