An attempt to solve the 'four fours' problem
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README attempts to solve the 'four fours' problem.

Try to make as many positive integers as you can, using only four
occurrences of the digit '4', and some mathematical symbols.
Quite how obscure symbols you are allowed can be controlled by
the command line switches, though note this increases run time.
You can also specify a different number of fours (COUNT) or
a different digit (DIGIT).

I do not claim that this perl is optimised or pretty.

(c) 2013 Alex Bligh, released under the Artistic Licence.

Usage: [options] [COUNT [DIGIT]]

  -d, --decimal    Allow decimals
  -r, --recurring  Allow recurring decimals
  -s, --sqrt       Allow square roots
  -p, --power      Allow X to the power Y
  -f, --factorial  Allow factorials
  -m, --multidigit Allow multidigit numbers
  -x, --xmas       Turn on all options
  -a, --all        Print all answers (not just positive integers)
  -h, --help       Print this message