Is the modified parser for the new data set collected using Wifi-dump, It has substantial changes to deal with 802.11 n cases, where certain state is ported directly from ath9k device driver
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#Documentation for Dave Levin is used to print the packet contents of the trace collected on the router 

The NOTES files have the IP address of the server and the client ( I realize its not of use, since our Router trace doesn't have it)
Please have a look at the test-6, test-7 folders.
They have exactly the setup you wanted!
Two laptops connected wireless to the AP and doing a iperf transfer 
Srikanth's laptop has a mac address starting with 74:
My router has a mac address starting with 00:19 

The transmitted frames collected have the format as : 
time ,txflags,retx,successful_rate,total_time,Q len ,A-Q len, Q-no,phy_type,retx_rate_list ,seq no,fragment no,mac-layer-flags, frame-prop-type,framesize,prop time

received frame output have the format as follows : 
time ,flags,freq, rx_flags,success rate, rx_queue_time,framesize , signal,RSSI, seq number, fragment no,retry frame,prop time