Assign multiple macros as global key bindings in Emacs
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Intro and setup

This package allows to (temporarily) bind any number of macros to any global shortcuts.

The setup is simply:

(require 'centimacro)

Function reference


It's the main function, assigned to <f5> by default.

It's very similar to <f3>, except centi-assign prompts you for a key combination to use, while for <f3> this key combination is always <f4>.

With centi-assign you can have as many macros as you wish, bound to whatever global keys you wish.

centi-assign will work with any global binding, i.e. you could even re-bind a to insert b if you wanted.

Here's an example:

<f5><f6>foo<f6>                 ;; Now <f6> inserts "foo".
<f5><f7><f6>bar<f7>             ;; Now <f7> inserts "foobar".
<f5><f8><f6>-<f7>-<f6><f8>      ;; Now <f8> inserts "foo-foobar-foo".
<f5><f6>omg<f6>                 ;; Now <f6> inserts "omg",
                                ;;     <f7> - "omgbar",
                                ;;     <f8> - "omgbar-omg-omg".


Here's the result of centi-summary after the example above:

[f8]: [f6 f7 f6] (was bookmark-bmenu-list)
[f7]: [f6 98 97 114] (was winner-undo)
[f6]: foo (was next-error)


Calling centi-restore-all will restore the previous global bindings.