ivy and minibuffer-depth-indication-mode #134

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tsdh commented Jun 9, 2015

With minibuffer-depth-indication-mode enabled, the minibuffer prompts are displayed as [n] Prompt: during recursive edits where n denotes the minibuffer depth. It does so by hooking into minibuffer-setup-hook.

With ivy-mode enabled, minibuffer-depth-indication-mode doesn't seem to have any effect. That's unfortunate because it's a nice feature for people who frequently work with recursive minibuffers.

@abo-abo abo-abo added a commit that closed this issue Jun 9, 2015
@abo-abo Account for minibuffer-depth-indication-mode
* ivy.el (ivy--insert-prompt): When `minibuffer-depth-indication-mode'
  is on, and `minibuffer-depth' is more than 1, prepend it to prompt.

Fixes #134
@abo-abo abo-abo closed this in 77e7c8f Jun 9, 2015
abo-abo commented Jun 9, 2015

Thanks. Let me know if you want a face for the minibuffer depth. I don't really want it, and it's a bit tricky to add.

tsdh commented Jun 9, 2015

No, no extra face needed.

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