An embedded media player plugin for Firefox that leverages Moonlight to provide native Windows Media support for Linux.
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Moonshine leverages the Windows Media capabilities from Silverlight,
provided by the Moonlight browser plugin on Linux, and the Firefox web 
browser framework to enable the playback of legacy embedded Windows 
Media content on the web and local files on a user's desktop.

It consists of two components:

  - Firefox/NPAPI plugin that handles legacy embedded Windows Media mime
    types. This plugin loads the Moonlight plugin and creates a XAML/JS 
    player to play the media. This enables web sites like and to work on Linux. Additionally, the Windows Media Player
    ActiveX/JavaScript API is implemented to enable the most compatibility.

  - Chromeless Firefox overlay for playing back local WM content
    from a user's desktop. A .desktop file and launcher is provided for
    easy integration with Linux distributions.