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jQuery json-viewer

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json-viewer is a jQuery plugin for easily displaying JSON objects by transforming them into HTML.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Collapse and expand child nodes on click
  • Clickable links
  • Easily readable and minimal DOM structure
  • Optional support for libraries supporting big numbers

Check out the demo page!


With npm:

npm install jquery.json-viewer

Make sure jQuery is already included. Then import jquery.json-viewer.js and jquery.json-viewer.css in your HTML document:

  <script src="node_modules/jquery.json-viewer/json-viewer/jquery.json-viewer.js"></script>
  <link href="node_modules/jquery.json-viewer/json-viewer/jquery.json-viewer.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">

You can also simply copy json-viewer/jquery.json-viewer.js and json-viewer/jquery.json-viewer.css files from this git repository into your project.


Call the jsonViewer() method on target element and pass your JSON data in argument:

<pre id="json-renderer"></pre>
var data = {
  "foobar": "foobaz"


The jsonViewer method accepts an optional config object as a second argument. The supported options are:

  • collapsed (boolean, default: false): all nodes are collapsed at html generation.
  • rootCollapsable (boolean, default: true): allow root element to be collasped.
  • withQuotes (boolean, default: false): all JSON keys are surrounded with double quotation marks ({"foobar": 1} instead of {foobar: 1}).
  • withLinks (boolean, default: true): all values that are valid links will be clickable, if false they will only be strings.
  • bigNumbers (boolean, default: false): support different libraries for big numbers, if true display the real number only, false shows object containing big number with all fields instead of number only.


$('#json-renderer').jsonViewer(data, {collapsed: true, withQuotes: true, withLinks: false});

Big number support

Enabling bigNumbers the json object visible will show the number stored inside the object only and does not display all fields.

Example Object using Decimal.js - other libraries are similar:

var Decimal = require('decimal.js');
var data = { "x": new Decimal(123) };

$('#json-renderer').jsonViewer(data, {bigNumbers: false});

// {
//   "x": {
//        "constructor": ,
//        "s": 1,
//        "e": 2,
//        "d": [
//          123
//        ]
//   }
// }

$('#json-renderer').jsonViewer(data, {bigNumbers: true});

// {
//   "x": 123
// }

The following libraries are supported: