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Camel AMQP+SSL application producing & consuming messages in an EnMasse Broker in Openshift

This example shows how to connect camel application to EnMasse (MaaS) message broker inside Openshift.



EnMasse installed on OpenShift cluster.

All pods should be up & Running:

$ oc get pods
NAME                                        READY     STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
address-controller-2825298802-g440s         1/1       Running     1          6d
admin-1573428571-sbwm3                      4/4       Running     4          6d
mqtt-gateway-3745435576-zxslb               2/2       Running     2          6d
mqtt-lwt-2604437113-blz6r                   1/1       Running     5          6d
none-authservice-95437037-wq7b1             1/1       Running     20         6d
qdrouterd-4021847281-5sl6k                  2/2       Running     3          6d
subserv-4223738148-cmwfn                    1/1       Running     1          6d


EnMasse Setup

  1. Connect to EnMasse Console (you can get the url by running "oc get route"), in Addresses menu, click on create new address in order to create a Persisted Queue "QueuePersisted"

alt text

  1. Running oc get pods, you will see a new pod created with the name of the queue:


    queuepersisted-3024989586-sn9qp             1/1       Running     1          6d
  2. Getting TLS certificates to use in the client application:

    cd src/main/deployments
    oc extract secret/external-certs-messaging --to=amqp-certs -n $NAMESPACE    

    The certificate keys in the deployments/amqp-certs directory are copied to the container in the /deployments/amqp-certs path.

    After, run the following to convert tls.cert to keystore format

    keytool -v -import -file tls.crt -alias somecrt -keystore my-cacerts
  3. Now you have just to configure some properties in
  4. The example can be built and run on OpenShift using a single goal:

    mvn fabric8:deploy

If everything works you should see the messages being produced and consumed in a QueuePersisted queue with this awesome live metrics:

alt text