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Fix example #12

sebastibe opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Get the simple example working.


Why the is not working yet?


@suzanshakya I'm also trying to run the examples. I had to change this in the file:

self.emit_to_room('msg_to_room', msg, 'main_room')

To this:

self.emit_to_room('main_room', 'msg_to_room', msg)

I'm using the version 0.3.5 beta (although the __init__ file says it's version 0.3.1).
Hope this helps.


@dmfrancisco Thanks, that worked but own message is displayed twice as 'me' and given nickname.
@dkoneill Thanks. That works like a charm.


@suzanshakya Yes, there is a broadcast_event_not_me method (which broadcasts to everyone except itself) but there isn't a emit_to_room_not_me method. However, it's simple to extend the default RoomsMixin and add such method. Here is how I've done it:
Hope this helps.

EDIT: I had not seen @dkoneill commit. It seems the issue is solved :)


@dmfrancisco That seems to work. But I'll settle with @dkoneill commit for now.


This looks fixed. Can we close?

@sebastibe sebastibe closed this
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