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Examples, tutorials, and sandbox for SciChart WPF: High Performance Realtime Charts


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SciChart WPF Demo, Examples, Tutorials and Boilerplates

What's in this repo?

  1. Examples Source code for SciChart.WPF: High Performance Realtime WPF Chart Library found under the /Examples folder
  2. Source code for tutorials for SciChart WPF, found under the /Tutorials folder
  3. Sandbox examples, including a [/Sandbox/LicensingTestApp](Licensing Test App) plus several useful examples found under the /Sandbox folder

Scroll down for Build Instructions!

Using the SciChart.Wpf.Examples Repository

The SciChart WPF Examples Suite has over 130 examples of 2D & 3D WPF Charts with & without MVVM, as well as featured apps which show the speed, power and flexibility of the SciChart.WPF Chart library!

Browse SciChart WPF examples, search by keyword, code or description, view source-code and export examples to stand-alone Visual Studio solutions.

SciChart WPF Examples - WPF Chart library

Build Instructions

To compile the Examples App, you will need:

  • To start a SciChart WPF Trial find out how or purchase a license.

    • Although the examples app will work without a trial license, modifying or creating your own examples won't
  • To setup the NuGet package source before you can compile. Here's How

    1. After cloning the repo, open SciChart2D3D.Examples.sln found in the /Examples folder in Visual Studio.

    2. Setup the Nuget Package source. While SciChart is hosted on, Hotfix builds (required for this examples app repo) are hosted at MyGet.

      Nuget Feed Setup

  • Once you've done that, compile and run the app as usual

WPF 2D Chart Types

SciChart WPF Includes the following 2D & 3D chart types, as well as an wide set of features, excellent performance and a poweful, flexible API.

WPF 3D Chart Types

SciChart WPF also has an array of DirectX-powered Realtime 3D Charts for WPF, including:

SciChart WPF Comes with a number of tutorials to help you get started quickly using our powerful & flexible chart library! Please see below:

SciChart WPF Tutorials

Source code for the tutorials is found under the /Tutorials folder

A place to put ideas, examples for users to answer support requests and more.

... And Finally!


SciChart WPF is commercial software with a free 30-day trial. Built by a dedicated team of developers, were an independent business which strives to do the best for our users!

Anything in this Repository is covered by MIT license - meaning you can freely use our example/demo/tutorial code in your applications.

SciChart WPF Licensing Links


Useful links

We've prepared a short Getting Started guide for SciChart WPF here.

This will walk you through the entire process of getting started and show you where tutorials and documentation are and examples.

Other useful links below:


Examples, tutorials, and sandbox for SciChart WPF: High Performance Realtime Charts







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