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Trying to make it easy to accept payments in Python. So far, we're Paython - a library in python for payment gateways like Stripe, ePay,, PlugNPay, First Data & more.

Currently - you can just import the gateway needed from gateways & auth/settle/capture (sale)/void/credit once you instantiate with the proper credentials.

IMPORTANT: If you fork & make a cool or useful change, we'd really love it if you wrote some associated tests & issued a pull request that way we can keep this repo up to date ;)

Supported Gateways

  • Stripe
  • Innovative Gateway Solutions (Intuit)
  • First Data Global Gateway (formerly Linkpoint?)
  • PlugnPay
  • Samurai
  • ePay (untested)


It's super simple to start:

Importing what you need

from paython import CreditCard, AuthorizeNet

Setting up a credit card

credit_card = CreditCard(
    number = '4111111111111111',
    exp_mo = '02',
    exp_yr = '2012',
    first_name = 'John',
    last_name = 'Doe',
    cvv = '911',
    strict = False

Checking to see if it's valid

 if not credit_card.is_valid(): return 'houston, we have a problem' # checks card number + expiration date

Setting up customer data to charge, not all fields are required.

customer_data = dict(
    address='123 Main St', 
    address2='Apt 1', 

Trying to authorize against gateway, options include debug output or test credentials

api = AuthorizeNet(username='test', password='testpassword', debug=True, test=True)
gateway_response = api.auth(amount='0.05', credit_card=credit_card, billing_info=customer_data, shipping_info=None)

Keep in mind, if you authorize, you need to settle

api = AuthorizeNet(username='test', password='testpassword', debug=True, test=True)
gateway_response = api.settle(amount='0.05', trans_id='2156729380')

OR, you can capture instead

api = AuthorizeNet(username='test', password='testpassword', debug=True, test=True)
gateway_response = api.capture(amount='0.05', credit_card=credit_card, billing_info=customer_data, shipping_info=None)

This is a typical paython response.

    gateway_response = {
        'response_text': 'This transaction has been approved.',
        'cvv_response': 'P',
        'response_code': '1',
        'trans_type': 'auth_only',
        'amount': '0.05',
        'avs_response': 'Y',
        'response_reason_code': '1',
        'trans_id': '2156729380',
        'alt_trans_id': '',
        'auth_code': 'IL2UW7',
        'approved': True,
        'response_time': '0.55'


You can use pip to install Paython::

pip install paython

Run Tests

Just run::


Or with stats::

nosetests --quiet --with-coverage --cover-package paython

When initializing a gateway, debug will output request params, xml & response text or xml. test will use the test gateway endpoint, if there is one & will raise an error otherwise (NoTestEndpointError).