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Pak128.Britain 1.18 (beta) - 23st October 2018

Pak128.Britain is a graphics set (pak) for Simutrans.  It requires a Simutrans executable in order to play.  This version is compatible with Simutrans version 120.3 upwards - it will not work with earlier versions of Simutrans.  Use of the latest version of Simutrans is therefore recommended.  

This release of pak128.Britain should be backwards compatible with all previous releases in the 1.xx series, however a number of changes have been made to some of the ships. While this should not break any savegames, you may find that certain convoys cannot drive after being sent to the depot and may lose all their cargo and cargo capacity on loading. You will need to reform these ships in the depot according to the new vehicle constraints.

Pak128.Britain is released open source under the terms of the Artistic License.  Please read licence.txt for details.

If there are any technical issues (e.g. error messages, crashes) please make a post in "bugs" board of the Simutrans Forum - - Please also state which version of the Simutrans executable you are using and which operating system.

This version is a beta version - there are many aspects of the pakset which are incomplete, missing, or not well-balanced for gameplay.  There may also be bugs present in the pakset which have not been weeded out.  If you have spotted any graphical glitches or other problems with the pakset, please post these in the pak128.Britain forum.  Also if you have any comments to make on the balancing of the gameplay (e.g. financial, industry production, vehicle acceleration, etc.) please post these in the pak128.Britain board of the simutrans forum: . In particular please note that there are currently no monorails and only a limited number of planes available in the game.  If you really want to use these in a pak128.Britain game, other simutrans graphics objects of 128x128 tilesize (e.g.pak128, pak128.German, pak128.Japan) will also run in pak128.Britain, although they may look out of place and will not be balanced from a gameplay point of view.  Most of all though, we hope you enjoy playing pak128.Britain - please provide feedback on the forum, look forward to future releases, and consider contributing to the drawing of new graphics and balancing of existing ones!

07/07/2009: Release of Pak128.Britain 1.0
10/07/2009: Release of Pak128.Britain 1.01:
	FIX: Townhalls not appearing
	FIX: Buses missing
	FIX: bridges and some stops missing with timeline on
	FIX: ground.outside.pak needs to be separate
	ADD: Swedish translation (Thanks to sanna)
	CHANGE: goods prices not fully updated
	CHANGE: speedbonus not updated
12/07/2009: Release of Pak128.Britain 1.02
	FIX: Bookshop (1950) industry duplicated
	ADD: Partial Japanese translation (Simutranslator)
	ADD: Partial German translation (Simutranslator)
17/07/2009: Release of Pak128.Britain 1.03
	FIX: beer is now a c good
	FIX: pubs accept cider
	FIX: power stations produce power
	FIX: furniture factories have a sensible production rate
	FIX: bridges have unlimited length
	FIX: metropolitan motorised tube stock intro date fixed
	FIX: fix intro dates of some attractions
27/08/2009: SVN r177
	ADD: Lorries part 1
	FIX: Sheep farm graphical glitch
28/08/2009: SVN r178
	FIX: clean up all night images
	ADD: BR Class 31 (James Petts)
08/09/2009: SVN r179
	ADD: Lorries part 2
	FIX: Some pubs did not accept cider
	ADD: Pedestrians
18/09/2009: SVN r180
	ADD: Citycars part 1
	CHANGE: Pharmaceutical Factory in 1860 no longer requires chemicals
20/09/2009: Release of Pak128.Britain 1.04 (SVN r182)
	FIX: Citycar and some truck alignments
	ADD: Leyland Comet, Morris Minor Van, Scammell Trucks
	ADD: Horse Barges
	FIX: Graphics for quays
	FIX: Intro year for old boatyard
15/10/2009: Release of v1.05
	ADD: Lorries part 3
	ADD: Cobblestone bridge
18/10/2009: r224
	FIX: Metropolitan Motor Coach constraints
	FIX: D88 Cool Wagon dat
	FIX: Electrification dat
	FIX: River dat
29/10/2009: r230
	FIX: Sawmill capacity caused crashes
	FIX: 20t long wagon image
	FIX: Constraints on various train carriages
	FIX: Signal intro years
14/12/2009: r237
	FIX: Intro year for cold goods wagon
	FIX: Intro years for harbours
	ADD: New rail viaducts by AEO
15/12/2009: r238
	FIX: Some trucks had no bulk fluid capacity
20/12/2009: r239-241
	ADD: More boats
	ADD: Fishing Port industry
	ADD: Winter images for roads, rivers, canals, and trees
	FIX: BR Standard Tender and SR Q1 Tender Speed
23/12/2009: r242
	ADD: Masonry road bridge (wlindley)
	ADD: Southern Railway/Region Rail Vehicles (jamespetts)
10/01/2010: r245
	ADD: More citybuildings (wlindley)
	ADD: Snow images for townhalls, citybuildings and rails
	CHANGE: New gasometer image
27/01/2010: r246
	FIX: Mk3/3a Carriage Constraints
	FIX: 4Vep Acceleration/Speed
06/02/2010: r247-r250
	ADD: 4 Rotations and Snow images for all attractions/monuments
	ADD: Fountain monument
	CHANGE: Nelson's Column is now 2x2
	ADD: 4 Rotations with Snow for all townhalls
	ADD: Electrical substation (wlindley)
	ADD: 1750 inn (Archon)
	FIX: Snow graphics not showing for some citybuildings
	FIX: TTA Tanker wagon running cost
	FIX: Horse and cart intro date
	CHANGE: Livestock weight increased
07/02/2010: r251-r252
	ADD: Snow images for depots
	ADD: Snow images for grass runway/taxiway
	FIX: remove special colours from some images
20/02/2010: r254-255
	ADD: new citybuildings and snow images by Archon and WLindley
	ADD: Wlindley's industry graphics
21/02/2010: r256
	ADD: New sailing boats
	CHANGE: Speeds on all boats
24/02/2010: r257-260
	ADD: AEO's Maglev
	FIX: 12t cooled wagon dates
	FIX: Pub image needs ground
	ADD: Brick viaduct elevated way
	ADD: Wooden trestle road bridge
	ADD: Diagonal roads
25/02/2010: r261-262 (release of v1.07)
	ADD: 2 new citybuildings by Archon
	FIX: Archon citybuilding graphics
	FIX: Pavement image
	CHANGE: new demo.sve by AP
24/03/2010: r267
	FIX: factory retire dates
	FIX: powerline graphics
	DEL: (outdated)
24/04/2010: r270-273
	FIX: Cityuilding names now compatible with auto-replacer
	DEL: duplicate pavement dat
	FIX: Diagonal road night pixels
	FIX: Masonary viaduct night pixels
	FIX: 1880 Offices snow images
	FIX: Pillars on viaducts
	FIX: Foreground images for stations with over-roof
25/04/2010: r274-r275
	ADD: combined electrification waytypes (jamespetts)
	ADD: terraced town house (Archon)
02/05/2010: r277-279
	ADD: New road and rail vehicles (jamespetts)
	FIX: Tunnel retire years removed so can now build tunnels beyond 2000
	CHANGE: implement cityroad timeline compatible with latest nightly exes
09/05/2010: r280
	CHANGE: SVN Eol-style for text files
11/05/2010: r281-r283
	DEL: rogue pak files in SVN
	CHANGE: make rivers more expensive
	FIX: zero-weight problem for some road vehicles
13/05/2010: r285
	CHANGE: reduce costs for wooden trestle road bridge
31/05/2010: r286-r290
	ADD: GWR Hawksworth County (jamespetts)
	CHANGE: Graphics for GWR modified hall (jamespetts)
	CHANGE: capacities for BR Mk1 Suburban coaches (jamespetts)
	FIX: object names for West Country and Merchant Navy (neroden)
	CHANGE: MOSE script and parameters (neroden)
	ADD: more shop graphics (Archon & Wlindley)
	ADD: HQs (Wlindley)
13/06/2010: r291-r294
	ADD: More citybuildings (Archon)
	FIX: Correct syntax for tram waytypes
	FIX: River and canal upgrade costs
12/09/2010: r317-320
	FIX: various bus and truck weights were incorrect (AEO)
	FIX: various rail vehicle constraints were broken (AEO)
	FIX: graphical glitch on brick station with overroof
	FIX: LNWR PoW class intro date was wrong (Archon)
	FIX: LNER A3 graphics had some stray pixels (AEO)
	ADD: Three new boats
	ADD: New EMUs (JamesPetts)
	ADD: Volvo RH Class bus (VOLVO)
	ADD: VOLVO's citycars (VOLVO)
	ADD: Open crossings for early years (WLindley)
	ADD: Snow images for AHB Crossing
26/10/2010: r329 (release of 1.08)
	ADD: SS Great Britain, SS Great Eastern, Iron Paddle Steamer
	FIX: Dates of car transporter
	ADD: Victorian school (Archon)
	CHANGE: new borders (wlindley)
	ADD: Snow images for pavement
	ADD: Optare Alero (Mattw62)
	ADD: 2 EMUs (jamespetts)
	ADD: Bus stop with postbox (Archon)
	ADD: Many new trains (jamespetts)
	FIX: Tram depot intro dates
	ADD: network mode GUI (Timothy)
	ADD: Airbus A319 (Milko)
	FIX: Graphics for A319
	ADD: New workshop and library (Archon)
	ADD: Airbus A318 and A321 (Milko)
	ADD: New road/rail crossings
	ADD: Macadam road and concrete road
	CHANGE: Snow graphics for rails
	ADD: Airbus A320 (Milko)
	FIX: Airbus graphics improved (Milko)
	ADD: Snow graphics for some industries
	ADD: Market & Gas power station (jamespetts)
	FIX: passenger and mail capacity for oil rigs
	ADD: Parish church and small parks (wlindley)
	FIX: Old Library graphics (Archon)
	ADD: BAE 146 Series (Milko)
	FIX: Various dat files
	ADD: BR Class 50 loco (jamespetts)
	ADD: Snow graphics for more industries
	ADD: Swan Inn (Archon)
	ADD: Missing field snow image
	ADD: Class 60 and class 24 locos (jamespetts)
	ADD: Fast goods wagons (jamespetts)
	ADD: ATR 42 planes (Milko)
	ADD: Basic Narrowgauge
31/8/2012: release of version 1.12
	Various additions: many trains, underground trains, attractions, planes, narrow gauge vehicles, ways, bridges, city buildings, buses. 
21/12/2012: release of version 1.13
	FIXES: including tube tunnels & electrification, rail vehicle speeds, dates & missing carriages
	CHANGES: including boats with multiple holds, 4 wheel coach graphics
	ADDITIONS: including many new ships/boats, ironworks & gasworks industries, powerline tunnels
... [Lots of things missing until]
23/10/2018: release of version 1.18
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