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Basic_machines is a lightweight minetest automation/logic building mod without a lot of background processing. Depends only on default game (minetest 0.4.14 +).


Basic nodes

1 keypad

2 mover

3 distributor

4 detector

5 battery

6 generator

7 clock generator

Extra nodes:

8 recycler

9 grinder

10 autocrafter

11 enviroment block

12 ball spawner



  • puncheable button that can activate machines (repeatedly too), can be used as keyboard, to change labels on blocks, chat to nearby players or change filters in other machines.
  • Can be password protected as well
  • partial compatibility with mesecons mod (you can activate mesecon blocks)
  • respects protection of nodes
  1. Keypad working as a keyboard with sign (signs_lib) used as display device keypad1
  2. Keypad can be used to activate other machines, here it opens/closes door keypad2


  • automation of harvesting/planting tasks with mover. Harvest trees or plants, replant them... or just dig a hole.
  • it can put nodes into or take them from chests
  • it can move items between 2 nodes with inventory ( for example from furnace to chest)
  • it can work over larger area, limited to radius 10. With upgrading radius increases up to 110.
  • it can move players or objects (instantaneous teleport or slow glide)
  • it can reverse direction of move or only move specific things ( filter )
  • it needs battery nearby to work, required power depends move distance and type of operation
  • respects protection of nodes
  1. Mover can be used to harvest farms and insert harvest into chest keypad1
  2. Mover is used to plant flowers from chest onto field keypad2


  • can pass input signal to up to 16 outputs, with optional delay
  • can negate signal (NOT gate)
  • can filter signal (only transmit OFF or only ON)
  1. Distributor can be used to activate many ( up to 16 ) targets at once. Here one distributor controls 16 pixels on 4x4 screen display keypad1
  2. Here 2 distributors open door and turn on the light, then after delay the door closes and light turns off. keypad2


  • can detect nodes, players, objects, text on nodes, light levels
  • can detect nodes in 2 positions at once and perform OR, AND operation
  • as a response it can activate machines or pass name of detected objects to keypad
  • has ability to filter output signal ( only OFF, only ON or only activate if state changes)
  1. Here detector reads the source node (1) and passes detected node name to keypad (2) keypad1
  2. Detector working as a logic OR gate, detecting when at least one of two doors (1,1) is open and activating light (2) keypad2


  • powers machines using builting power generator, its upgradable for larger capacity and power output
  • you can use any furnace fuel to generate power or special power cells, provided by separate generator block
  • if you put furnace on top of battery and activate it, furnace will run without needing any other fuel. By upgrading battery furnace will additionaly gain smelting speed boost
  1. battery powering mover keypad1
  2. Here one battery powers 7 movers and runs one furnace keypad1


  • slowly (1 per 20 seconds) generates power cells, used in recharging battery
  • with upgrades it generates better power cells (upgrade 20: power blocks, upgrade 99: power rods)
  1. generator keypad1

clock generator

  • once per 5 seconds it activates the machine on top of it
  1. clock generator keypad1


  • will give you back ingredients used to create item with some loss
  • requires fuel/battery for operation
  1. recycler keypad1


  • processes materials for more efficient mining
  • can grind metals/mese/diamond to dust, can grind cobble->gravel->dirt or stone->sand
  1. grinder keypad1


  • automate crafting by just providing materials
  1. autocrafter keypad1

enviroment block

  • can set up physics for players near it. Ordinary players are limited, admin has no limits and can set skybox as well
  • can set move speed, jump speed, gravity, sneak
  1. enviro keypad1

ball spawner

  • spawns a ball
  • there are 2 types of balls: OFF or ON ( depends how spawner was activated)
  • balls can be moved around with mover in object mode
  • if ball hits an active block it will activate it
  • if ball hits other block it will bounce off it
  1. ball spawner keypad1
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