IO, Message, and RPC Acceleration Library
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Accelio – Open-Source IO, Message, and RPC Acceleration Library

What is Accelio?

Accelio provides an easy-to-use, reliable, scalable, and high performance data/message delivery middleware that maximizes the efficiency of modern CPU and NIC hardware and that reduces time-to-market of new scale-out applications.

Who can take advantage of it?

Developers interested in a highly efficient, high-performance reliable messaging implementations for applications such as clustering, scale-out block/file/object storage, BigData and NoSQL applications, fast message bus, etc’

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Simple and abstract API for application developers focused on high-performance asynchronous communication APIs
  • Reliable message delivery (end-to-end)
  • Request/Reply (Transaction) or Send/Receive models
  • Connection and resource abstraction to max scalability and availability
  • Zero copy data delivery, with optional built-in memory management
  • Designed to maximize the benefits of RDMA, hardware offloads, and multi-core CPUs and multi-threaded applications
  • Supports multiple transport options (RDMA, TCP, Shared-Memory, etc.)
  • Integration with common event loop mechanisms (epoll, libevent, ACE, etc.)
  • Fast event notifications, optional busy wait polling, or combined models for lowest message latency
  • Native support for service and storage clustering/scale-out
  • Message combining and batch message processing optimization

To understand more details about the code structure and various examples see the README file

Managed as a modular Open-Source project, Accelio can be extended with new functionality, new transport implementations or services, and further stability and performance optimizations, which can be implemented by a broad group of developers.

The project web site ( is currently under construction

What is the library’s status?

The library is under development