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OzPlayer support for WordPress.

Note that while this plugin is released under GPLv2 the OzPlayer accessible video player is commercial software. Please see for information.

The full OzPlayer documentation is available from

This code is in an alpha state.

To use, copy the "ozplayer" directory from this repository into your wp-plugins directory then activate the plugin. By default the plugin uses the "free as in beer" version of the player hosted from our CDN.

You'll also need to set up a config.js file and provide the URL for that. Likewise a CSS file with the transcript CSS.

There's an example config.js included here. It assumes you're loading jQuery.

There are a number of options available in the admin settings page. Most of these are defaults that can be over-ridden in the shortcode if you need to.

Two shortcodes are provided, "[ozplayer]" and "[video]". We over-ride the system default "[video]" shortcode but are largely backwards-compatible -- this plugin is an adaptation of the original built-in video support.

Here's an example, playing video from Amazon CloudFront. This is a direct copy from our website:

[ozplayer poster="/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ozplayer-poster.png" mp4="" webm="" captions="/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/ozplayer.vtt" transcript="/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/ozplayer-transcript.vtt" mp3="" ogg=""]

The following arguments are available:

Name Description
src Source URL for the video. Recommend only using this for YouTube videos, but it works the same as the built-in [video] shortcode
mp4 URL for the MP4 version of the video
webm URL for the WebM version of the video
mp3 URL for the MP3 version of the audio descriptions
ogg URL for the OGG Vorbis version of the audio descriptions
transcript URL for the VTT file containing transcript extras
captions URL for the VTT file containing the captions
color Highlight color. See admin panel for options
lang Language. Right now only 'en' is supported but feel free to add translations in ozplayer-lang
poster URL for the poster image
width Width of the video. Will be scaled down if this is wider than the content area width
height Height of the video. Will be scaled down if the video is too wide for the content area, preserving the aspect ratio
transcript_open Have the transcript visible? ("1" or "yes" for on, anything else for off)
transcript_on Should the transcript be on at all? ("1" or "yes" for on, anything else for off)
captions_on Turn on the captions? ("1" or "yes" for on, anything else for off)
ad_on Turn on the audio descriptions? ("1" or "yes" for on, anything else for off)

All but a video source (either the src, mp4, or webm values) are optional.


OzPlayer support for WordPress







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