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The Accord.NET Framework is both a C# machine learning framework and a complete framework for building computer vision, computer audition, signal processing and statistical applications. Sample applications provide a fast start to get up and running quickly, and an extensive documentation helps fill in the details.

For the best experience, please [download the framework through NuGet](Getting started).

Getting started

The easiest way to get started is through NuGet. Search for "Accord.NET" in the package manager, then chose to install the modules you are more likely interested. Because not all users will want to use, for example, audio or video processing capabilities in their projects, those have been written as separate modules.

Choose which module your are most interested:

    PM> Install-Package Accord.MachineLearning
    PM> Install-Package Accord.Imaging
    PM> Install-Package Accord.Neuro

then, see the getting started guide to get up and running with the framework or download one sample application to start your project.

  1. Accord.NET Framework
  2. Getting started
  3. Published books
  4. How to use
  5. Sample applications

Help improve this wiki! Those pages can be edited by anyone that would like to contribute examples and documentation to the framework.

Have you found this software useful? Consider donating only U$10 so it can get even better! This software is completely free and will always stay free. Enjoy!

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