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Accredible Ruby SDK

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The Accredible platform lets you automatically create, manage, and distribute digital certificates or open badges directly from your Ruby codebase.

Digital certificates and badges help maximize the value from your training or certification program. Digital credentials are more accessible and share-able via social media, directing interested viewers back towards your learners’ achievements and your course website. Track recipient engagement to see shares, additional traffic to your webpage. And, allow students to save and print a PDF for their wall at home.

This gem wraps the Accredible API in Ruby for easy integration into projects. The full REST API documentation can be found here:

We forked the original by sublimecoder so that we can provide updates without interfering with their active usage. This repository and gem are the officially maintained Ruby wrappers for Accredible.

Output Digital Certificates or Open Badges

Example Digital Certificate

Example Open Badge


Add the following line to Gemfile:

gem 'accredible-api-ruby'

and run bundle install from your shell. Then add the following line to an initializer, or appropriate config file.

Accredible.api_key = ENV['ACCREDIBLE_API_KEY']

Basic Usage

# creating a certificate
recipient = {name: "Jared Smith", email: ""}
credential = {name: "#{course.title}",
  group_name: "Example Group",
  description: "A certificate of completion for a cool course"}

    recipient: recipient, 
    credential: credential)

Further Examples

# creating a credential
recipient = {name: "Jared Smith", email: ""}
credential = {
  group_name: "Example Group",
  issued_on: "2016-03-15"}

# evidence and references are both optional but can be constructed like this
  evidence =
  [{description: "Evidence of completion",
    url: "",
    category: "url"},
{description: "Evidence of completion 2",
file: "",
      category: "file"}]
      references= [{description: "John worked hard", 
        relationship: "managed",
        referee: {name: "Jane Doe", 
          email: "",
          avatar: ""}}

    recipient: recipient, 
    credential: credential,
    evidence: evidence,
    references: references)

#updating a credential
credential = {reciopient: {name: "Updated Name"}}
Accredible::Credential.update(id:"1234", credential: {name: "new credential name"})

#deleting a credential
cred = Accredible::Credential.delete("1234")

#for viewing all credentials
groups = Accredible::Credential.view_all(group_id: "1234", email: "")

# creating a group
group = 
        "name": "new group",
        "course_name": "Intro to Prgramming",
        "course_description": "Description of course",
        "course_link": "",
        "language": "en",
        "attach_pdf": false

    group: group, 
    design_id: 12)

#updating a group
Accredible::Group.update(group_id:"1234", group: {name: "new group name"})

#deleting a group

#for viewing a group

#for viewing all groups
groups = Accredible::Group.view_all

#for viewing all designs
designs = Accredible::Design.view_all

Supported Ruby versions

Currently only Ruby 2.0+ is supported. Contributions are welcome if you need to support a different version.

Bug reports

If you discover any bugs, feel free to create an issue on GitHub. Please add as much information as possible to help us fixing the possible bug. We also encourage you to help even more by forking and sending us a pull request.


Accredible-API-Ruby is is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

Thanks to

One Month - For allowing this gem to be extracted and open sourced.


A gem for interacting with the Accredible certificate & badge API.




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