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This wiki acts as a guide for which books are considered by members of the ACCU to be essential reading for programmers. Where available there are links to the ACCU book reviews that were published in the C Vu journal.

Book Categories

The wiki has been divided into a number of different sections. Whilst any attempt to categorise books is fraught with danger, some high-level grouping will hopefully help in avoiding a single monolithic list and provide more room to discuss each entry.

The Craft in General
Technology Specific (Languages)
Technology Specific (Operating Systems)

What's Essential?

If you search the ACCU book reviews you'll find many books that are highly recommended. Take The Old New Thing by Raymond Chen, this is an excellent book full of anecdotes and other titbits of information about programming on the the Windows platform. But that doesn't make it essential reading, even for Window's focused programmers.

Instead of just listing all the highly recommended books from the reviews, this wiki tries to identify those books which are of fundamental importance to those in the programming profession. For those just starting out in a programming career they should provide plenty of guidance about the concepts and techniques that will help to write good quality software in the years ahead. Those who've already gained a good grounding in programming can look to these texts as a source of further inspiration and refinement for their onward journey.

Although the list could be restricted to just those books which are agnostic to the ever-changing technology landscape, the are many technologies that have a large community behind them and a vast array of books to choose from. Eventually every practitioner needs to pick up some tools and where appropriate we have listed the books that best serve those communities.