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Code Repo of the IAD's web-app.


  1. Download or Clone this repo
  2. Adapt the information in webpage/ according to your needs.
  3. Create an virtual environment and run pip install -r requirements.txt

first steps

This projects uses modularized settings (to keep sensitive information out of version control or being able to use the same code for development and production). Therefore you'll have to append all commands with a --settings parameter pointing to the settings file you'd like to run the code with. For development just append --settings={nameOfYouProject} to the following commands, e.g. python makemigrations

  1. Run makemigrations, migrate, and runserver and check


To get needed software you can run

pip install -r requirements_test.txt

To run the tests execute

python test --settings=iad.settings.test

Technical setup


This application uses PostgreSQL with the PostGIS extension to support spatial queries.

application layer

The application layer is implemented with the Python based web framework Django. GIS related functionality (see here for a detailed overview of those functions) are realized by with GeoDjango. Please refer to GeoDjangos Documentation to learn about needed requirements to run GeoDjango. The application is mainly run server-side although the data is accessible through an REST-API implemented with Django REST framework.

Front end layer

The presentation of GIS-related data on the client side (web-browser) is realized with Leaflet which processes the data serialized by the backend into GeoJSON though data from different sources (e.g. raster images, served following the WMS protocol ) can be integrated as well.