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Root shell exploit for several Xiaomi routers: 4A Gigabit, 4A 100M, 4C, 3Gv2, 4Q, miWifi 3C...

How to run

NOTE: FROM VERSION 0.0.2 THE ROUTER NEEDS INTERNET ACCESS. If you require to run the exploit without internet access please try version 0.0.1. Find the versions here: NOTE: THERE ARE REPORTED ISSUES WITH ROUTER IN AP MODE. If you're not able to succeed in the AP mode, try to switch to some other (WiFi Repeater or Gateway)

Using Docker (also works on Windows)

$ docker build -t openwrtinvasion
$ docker run --network host -it openwrtinvasion

Using the command line

pip3 install -r requirements.txt # Install requirements
python3 # Run the script

You will be asked for the router IP address and for the stok. You can grab the stok from the router URL after you log in to the admin interface:

Note that the script must be run from the same IP address used when login into the router.

After that, a telnet server will be up and running. You can connect to it by running:

telnet <router_ip_address>
  • User: root
  • Password: root

The script also starts an ftp server at port 21, so you can get access to the filesystem using a GUI (for example cyberduck).

Supported routers and firmware versions

  • MiRouter 4A Gigabit: user ksc91u claims that this method also works on firmware version 2.28.62, 2.28.65 and 2.28.132: OpenWrt forum. It is also working on the latest 3.0.24 firmware: OpenWrt forum.
  • MiRouter 4A 100M (non gigabit): user morhimi claims that this method works on firmware version 2.18.51: OpenWrt forum. User Jeffpeng claims that this method works on firmware version 2.18.58: OpenWrt forum. Find a troubleshooting guide here.
  • MiRouter 4C: user Jeffpeng claims that this method works on firmware version 2.14.81: OpenWrt forum. User AddaxSoft claims that exploit version 0.0.1 works on firmware version 2.14.87. Find here a troubleshooting guide for this router
  • Mi Router 3Gv2: user Massimiliano Mangoni claims that this method also works on firmware version 2.28.8 (message posted in Slack).
  • Mi Router 4Q (aka R4C): user cadaverous claims that this method also works on firmware version 2.28.48 (message posted in Slack), but because the router is mips architecture (not mipsel), he needed to use version 0.0.1 of the script (the other versions use a busybox binary built for the mipsel architecture that is used to start a telnet sever).
  • MiWifi 3C: works on firmware versions 2.9.217, 2.14.45 and 2.8.51_INT: OpenWrt forum, OpenWrt forum.
  • Mi Router 4: user Firef0x claims that exploit version 0.0.1 works on firmware version 2.26.175. User AddaxSoft claims that exploit version 0.0.1 works on firmware version 2.18.62.
  • Xiaomi Mi R3P: user lukasz1992 claims that the exploit works with the Xiaomi Dev firmware.
  • Xiaomi 3Gv1: user krumelmonster claims that exploit works with the stock firmware coming with the router.
  • AC2350 AIOT: user dobosz23 claims that exploit version 0.0.6 works on firmware version 1.3.8CN.

Xiaomi 4A Gigabit Global Edition


This repository contains the following firmwares:

If you have a pending update in your Xiaomi stock firmware, you can check its md5 hash and the download url by navigating to:;stok=<stok>/api/xqsystem/check_rom_update

Install OpenWrt

When installing OpenWrt on the Xiaomi 4A Gigabit, there are several options:

  • [PREFERRED OPTION]: use the latest supported stable release of OpenWrt. Find it in the official OpenWrt wiki page

  • Build your own image with imagebuilder, using the latest source code on master:

    docker pull openwrtorg/imagebuilder:ramips-mt7621-master
    docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)"/bin/:/home/build/openwrt/bin -it openwrtorg/imagebuilder:ramips-mt7621-master
    make PROFILE=xiaomi_mir3g-v2 image

If after reading above text you still want to proceed, after login to the router through telnet run the following commands:

cd /tmp
curl --output firmware.bin # Put here the URL you want to use to download the firmware
./busybox sha256sum firmware.bin # Verify the firmware checksum before flashing, very important to avoid bricking your device!
mtd -e OS1 -r write firmware.bin OS1 # Install OpenWrt

This will install the snapshot version of OpenWrt (without Luci). You can now use ssh to connect to the router (and install Luci if you prefer it).


Some users have reported worse WIFI performance in OpenWrt than in the stock firmware. See the following links:

For more info and support go to:

If you brick your device

You can find solutions in the following links:


  • Original vulnerabilities and exploit: UltramanGaia
  • Instructions to install OpenWrt after exploit execution: rogerpueyo
  • Testing and detailed install instructions: hey07
  • Checking the URL of pending updates: sicklesareterrible


Version 0.0.2 and higher: telnet

Alt Text

Version 0.0.1: netcat (legacy)

Alt Text