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The tables engines for IBus
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== Introduction ==
IBus-Table is the IM Engine framework for table-based input methods, such as
ZhengMa, WuBi, ErBi, CangJie and so on.
The aim of IBus-Table is to make the users of table-based input methods
can enjoy the typing on Linux environment.
Definitly, it is far from perfect, so if you have any wish or any
suggestion, please file a issue on
or send me an email <>, I would be very please to hear
from you :)

== Key Bindings ==
    Notice: Ctrl is "Control Key", Shift_L is the left "Shift Key",
            Shift_R is the right "Shift Key", Alt is the "Alt Key",
            Arrow_Left is the "Arrow Key" point to left, Arrow_Right is
            the "Arrow Key" point to right, similarly as  Arrow_Up and
            Cursor is the one in preedit string.
            [Num1~Num9] means one key in Num1, Num2, Num3, ... ,

Space               commit inputted string.
Shift_L             when no key inputted: shift the input mode between
                        English and Table mode.
                    during input: commit the first candidate into
                        preedit string.
Shift_R             shift between PinYin mode and Normal mode under
                        Table mode.

Shift_L/Shift_R + 1 input tunes under PinYin mode. the tunes display in
                  2     aux string area as ↑1, ↑2, ↑3, ↑4, ↑5. 
                  3     1 is YinPin, 2 is YangPin, 3 is ShangSheng,
                  4     4 is QuSheng, 5 is QingSheng

Arrow_Left          move cursor one character left in preedit string.
Arrow_Right         move cursor one character right in preedit string.
Backspace           remove the last input key or last character in
                        preeidt string.
Delete              remove one character after the cursor in preedit
Ctrl + Arrow_Lelf   move the cursor to the front of preedit string.
Ctrl + Arrow_Right  move the cursor to the end of preedit string.
Ctrl + Backspace    delete from cursor to the front of preedit string.
Ctrl + Delete       delete from cursor to the end of preedit string.
Arrow_Down          mext candidate.
Arrow_Up            previous candidate.
Esc                 reset the input method.
Num1 ~ Num9         select the correspondent candidate and commit
                        inputted string
Ctrl + [Num1~Num9]  select the correspondent candidate and commit it
                        into preedit string
Alt + [Num1~Num9]   remove the correspondent user-defined phrase.
Page_Up/Page_Down   page up/down the lookup table of candidates.
-/+                 when not been used as valid input keys, the same as
                        Page_Up and Page_Down.
Ctrl + ,            open/close Single Character Mode, only show single
                        character not phrases.
Ctrl + .            shift between full/half punctuation.
Ctrl + /            shift between direct/normal commit mode.
Ctrl + ;            shift between different SubCharset in Chinese
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