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Python auditory modeling toolbox.
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Python Auditory Modeling Toolbox Documentation Status

pambox is a Python toolbox to facilitate the development of auditory models, with a focus on speech intelligibility prediction models.

The project is maintained by @AlexChabotL.

pambox provides a consistent API for speech intelligibility models, inspired by Scikit-learn, to facilitate comparisons across models.



pambox is tested to work under Python 2.7 and Python 3.4 (thanks to six). Only Mac OS X (10.9) has been tested thoroughly.

The main dependencies are :

Lower versions of these packages are likely to work as well but have not been thoroughly tested.

pyaudio is required if you want to use the audio module.

For running tests, you will need pytest and pytest-cov.


Right now, pambox is only avaible through Github. It should be available via pip soon. To install pambox from source:

git clone
cd pambox
python install

If you need more details, see the [Installation]( page on the wiki.


You can check out the latest source and install it for development with:

git clone
cd pambox
python develop

To run tests (you will need pytest), from the root pambox folder, type:

python test


pambox is licensed under the New BSD License (3-clause BSD license).

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