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Script Runner
This is an example of using NSTasks with a NSTextView for real time output.
As that comes up allot I have also included my StatusMessage Class which is a hacky
little file drop script to graphical user interface bridge. This allows you to update
two text fields and a progress bar from with-in shell style code. I am currently
rewriting this in python with NSConnections for a cleaner feel but you could also 
do this with pipes. However in its current form it works well enough. I am also 
adding couple of features related to arguments and emailing the output but thats in progress.
This project has three main parts:

This is an UIelement (no dock icon) app that runs the Helper command line tool

This is a little hacked (Apple) example of a command line that allows execution
with privileges. This method is deprecated in Lion but has been tested 10.5 - 10.7 and works.

This is the main graphical tool that is launched by the helper. It is launched with root
privs and that is in turn inherited in the script. This needs to be locked down a bit more but 
its not much different then "with administrative privileges" in AppleScript type apps. 

All applications can be modified without major code modification by editing the
values in the respective settings.plist in the bundle and modifying the nib files.
If you find a bug please report it as I use variations of this code often and would
love to hear any feedback.
Compiled version in the downloads section, go there is xcode scares you

Version 1.0B
Updated script to do something kind of examplish, searching directories with find
fixed progress bar support, will update phase,status and other todos later.
Email support argument menus need some work
Version 1.0A 

Intial Commit
Most things working, just merging a couple of code bases. Need to update StatusMessage
to work with this Tool