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This little binary will tell you if you have a Laptop or Desktop.
It reads this value using the system-type in IOKit (IOPlatformExpertDevice).
You can parse this value your self using the ioreg (-l) command but Its not
formatted well, so I decided to make this as its a pretty common request.
For instance I once had a school district that wanted to turn off wireless
on all Desktops as they were having MYNAME(37) bonjour name conflict issues.

There is a little example.command shell script to show you the two ways you
would use this in your scripts. laptops are value 2 (exit 1) and Desktops are
value 1 (exit 0). The exit values allow you to use standard logic built-in to
run the command and use its exit value. Or if you think thats lame you can
parse the text. To each there own but I like exit values

Known Issues:
As I recall this does not cover PowerPC machines, but I have not seen an intel
that does not use this value. Maybe iPad 3 will be 3 ;)

To Do:
I will make a little installer for it as some point and put it in
Could use some options as well such as controlling behaviour
Maybe XML output, and put some other values?

Replacement for:
declare -x awk="/usr/bin/awk"
declare -x ioreg="/usr/sbin/ioreg"
# Intel and future systems test
declare IOREG="$("$ioreg" -l |
	"$awk" 'BEGIN {FS="[<>]"}
	if ( systype == 1 )
		{ print "D" ; exit 0 }
	# System type 1 is a Desktop
	else if ( systype == 2 )
		{ print "L" ; exit 0 }
	# System type 2 is a Laptop


Simple IOKit wrapper in CLI form, for use in scripts or learning.






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