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Monitor Presupuestario

Sitio del Monitor Presupuestario:

TODO list

Site features

  • Showcase different graphs or analysis that can draw conclusions from
  • Different preloaded analysis to choose from.
  • Save locally (using for ex local storage) any custom analysis o comparisions the user creates
  • Save locally any custom setting the user changes by either using local storage or cookies
  • Everything the user creates should be shareable in social media
  • Webmobile support
  • Search inspiration in similar sites
  • If there are multiple settings that can be changed at any moment, consider using a sticky header that follows the user with settings. It can also be several sticky headers that follow the user only when a specific graph is showing
  • Global switch toggle for inflation adjustment
  • Global switch toggle for font size
  • Improve favicon legibility
  • Add link to the google spreadsheet used as DB

Graphs an analysis

  • Histogram of budget amounts
  • Histogram of programs, activities or entities
  • Some kind of subentities distribution
  • Tell stories both vertically and horizontally. Vertically choosing a hierarchichal entity an analysing it bottom dowm. Horizontally choosing different or all the entities at the same level and comparing them.
  • Venn diagrams to compare the same entity in two different years
  • Animated treemap?


  • Server side rendering react. Article. Another article
  • Pass props to react client
  • Process manager for express vs linux service
  • Nginx proxy_pass to react server only in /test
  • Webpack.
    • Polyfills
    • Analytics
    • Newrelic
  • Google spreadsheet integration
  • Import components from old site version? nuxt-buefy
  • Import icons from old site version? : Font awesome and Material design icons


Testing and code style

  • Eslint integration
  • Proptypes
  • Unit tests
  • E2E tests

Other links

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