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VERT: A virtual environment for lua.

Produces a localized install of lua and luarocks for isolated installation and running of lua programs.

Installing Vert

$> luarocks install vert

This will install the vert command and add a file vert_wrapper to your path vert is the main way you'll interface with virtual environments. By sourcing vert_wrapper in your shells initialization script (bashrc, zshrc, etc,) your shell will be embued with the very helpful verton function. This will enable you to keep a collection of environments in a single directory to turn on or off as you please.

Creating an environment

To run vert just run vert init with the path to the directory to install into

$> vert init .
$> source ./bin/activate (vert)
$> lua
Lua 5.1.5  Copyright (C) 1994-2012, PUC-Rio

You can configure which lua and luarocks version to use with with the config flags --lua-version and --luarocks-version

$> vert --lua-version=5.2.0
$> source ./bin/activate
(vert) $> lua
Lua 5.2.0  Copyright (C) 1994-2011, PUC-Rio

Activating an environment

There isn't really any magic in Vert, and getting running in a virtual environment using is a manual though simple process. After you build a virtual env using vert, a shell script will be created in ./bin/activate of that vert. To activate the vert execute:

$> source ./bin/activate

All this script does is copy the current environment variables that setup your paths (PATH, LUA_CPATH, LUA_PATH and PS1) and reassigning them to point to the particular virtual env you're working on.

Once an environment is activate simple run deactivate to exit

(vert)$> deactivate

Alternatively in your bashrc or zshrc you can source the installed, it will provide a function verton that will activate verts found in ~/.verts



vert init

vert init will build a vert in a given directory

$> vert init /my/env

vert make

vert make will build a new vert in your ~/.verts directory

$> vert make my_env


verton is a shell function available if you source /usr/bin/env/ it will activate a vert found in ~/.verts

$> verton my_env

vert rm

vert rm will remove a vert in ~/.verts

$> vert rm my_env

vert ls

vert ls will list all your verts in ~/.verts

$> vert ls my_env

Platform Support

Currently I've only tested this on linux, though given lua's support for many platforms I don't see this approaching being difficult on most Unixes"