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* Use the f-branching stream and tensors to generate:
gradients :: Traversable f => FU f a -> f a -> Stream f a
* Allow the type to vary within our AD data type container, in the same fashion as Numeric.FAD.
Although, while Pearlmutter and Siskind provided the functionality to permit
it in the derivative combinators, they provided no combinators to convert,
say, @Dual tag Float@ to a @Dual tag Double@, so that extra functionality cannot
currently be leveraged.
One approach: GADT'd Tape.
Lets us use local matrix-valued jacobians as blackboxes.
However, this requires a custom higher-order data-reify.
* Do we need some kind of Array implementation? These'd be easy:
(new)?type ADArray s i e = Array i (AD s e)
(new)?type ADIOArray s i e = IOArray i (AD s e)
(new)?type ADSTArray s i e = STArray i (AD s e)
But how to handle possibly unboxed arrays where possible?
Mode s => ADUArray s i Float
Mode s => ADIOUArray s i Float
Mode s => ADSTUArray s i Float
Forward admits fast unboxed array access, but how to avoid violating quantification over s?
This seems to require baking the array type for Float and Double directly into the Mode.
class ( IArray (ADArray s) e
, MArray (ADSTArray s s') e (ST s')
, MArray (ADIOArray s) e IO
, Lifted s) => LiftedArray s e where
type ADArr s e :: * -> * -> *
type ADSTArr s e :: * -> * -> *
type ADIOArr s e :: * -> * -> *
newtype ADArray s i e = ADArray (ADArr s e i e)
class ( LiftedArray s Float, LiftedArray s Double, ...) => Mode s