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Drupal Commons is a "community collaboration website in a box" built on Drupal.


In addition to standard installation via the UI, Commons can be built using Drush make.

drush make build-commons.make ~/Destination/docroot

Use the site-install command to install Drupal with the Commons installation profile.

drush si commons

You may now login to your site.

drush uli -l http://mysite.dd

Behat tests

Install the drupal-extension for mink/behat from the Commons profile.

cd profiles/commons/tests && composer install

Set up a behat.yml file replacing @BASE_URL@ with the URL to your site and @DRUPAL_ROOT@ with the path to your site on disk.

cp behat.template.yml behat.yml

Check that behat is installed and running.

bin/behat --help

Run tests.



Official documentation for Commons is available at


The Commons project is available at:

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