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Scripts to operate and log data from the Acre Road magnetometer

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Scripts to operate and log data from the Acre Road magnetometer.


  • Python 3.5+
  • DataLog
  • python3-dev
  • libssl-dev
  • libffi-dev
  • bottle
  • appdirs
  • pyftpsync

You must have the DataLog library, installed via pip, as well as libffi-dev, installed e.g. via apt-get. After that, installation is easily achieved via pip.


Installation is handled by This is most easily handled by pip:

pip3 install git+

This will handle Python dependency installation, but not system prerequisites as listed above (e.g. libssl-dev). Be sure to first install these using your system package manager.

The software can be later upgraded with:

pip3 install git+ --upgrade


The magnetometer server and FTP client can be run from the terminal, although it is not recommended. To run the server in a terminal, type:


To do the same for the FTP client:


The best way to run the system on supported platforms is with a systemd service. This is currently supported for Debian 7.0+, Ubuntu 16.04+ and Raspbian derivatives.

The service configurations are installed automatically on supported platforms; however, in order to enable the services on boot, you must activate them:

sudo systemctl enable magnetometer-server
sudo systemctl enable magnetometer-ftp

You can then start them immediately with the following, though it is recommended to first configure the software (see below):

sudo systemctl start magnetometer-server
sudo systemctl start magnetometer-ftp

The configuration files are located at ~/.config/magnetometer/server.conf and ~/.config/magnetometer/ftp.conf on most Debian-based operating systems. These contain parameters for setting the server, FTP, logging and other behaviours. Note that they are not created until the programs are first executed. Note: as the services are run as root, the configuration files listed above will be at the locations /root/config/magnetometer.

Sean Leavey


Scripts to operate and log data from the Acre Road magnetometer






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