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Ruby 1 3


The simplest possible impostor for a credit card processor.

Updated May 9, 2016


forked from chef/knife-ec2

Chef knife plug-in for EC2

Updated Mar 24, 2016

Ruby 2 0


Plugin for Salsa

Updated Mar 15, 2016

JavaScript 0 0


Use the Luhn algorithm to validate whether a number is a valid credit card number. Also includes helpers to scrub spaces, dashes, and the like.

Updated Mar 4, 2016

Ruby 0 0


Framework for securely recording changes and deployments with git submodules

Updated Dec 18, 2015


forked from authy/authy-devise

Authy Devise plugin to add Two-Factor Authentication

Updated Apr 3, 2015

Ruby 1 0


Example application for consuming ActBlue Webhooks

Updated Jul 1, 2014

Ruby 1 9


forked from bleything/dje_cookbooks

Heavy Water Public Cookbooks

Updated Sep 27, 2013


forked from chef-cookbooks/users

Development repository for Opscode Cookbook users

Updated Jul 18, 2013


forked from dbrady/tourbus

Website load testing tool in Ruby, with the ability to "unload a busload of tourists" on a website, each with the ability to trace through complex application paths.

Updated Apr 1, 2011


forked from whatbird/ci_reporter

CI::Reporter is an add-on to Test::Unit and RSpec that allows you to generate XML reports of your test and/or spec runs.

Updated Mar 30, 2011


forked from goncalossilva/acts_as_paranoid

ActiveRecord (>=3.0) plugin which allows you to hide and restore records without actually deleting them.

Updated Nov 11, 2010


forked from prawnpdf/prawn

Fast, Nimble PDF Writer for Ruby

Updated Sep 28, 2010


forked from prawnpdf/pdf-inspector

A collection of PDF::Reader based analysis classes for inspecting PDF output. Mainly used for testing Prawn, but will work with any PDF.

Updated Apr 19, 2010


forked from prawnpdf/ttfunk

Get Ya TrueType Funk On! (Font Metrics Parser for Prawn)

Updated Mar 2, 2010

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