Verify whether your server can run ActiveCollab or not
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ActiveCollab Probe

Use probe.php script to check if your system can run ActiveCollab or not.

Supported versions:

  • ActiveCollab 5.14 and 5.15
  • ActiveCollab 6 and newer


  1. Download latest probe.php from GitHub,
  2. Open probe.php using your favorite text editor and set database connection parameters. DB_HOST is your MySQL hostname, DB_USER is MySQL account that you will be useding to connect to the server, DB_PASS is account password, and DB_NAME is the name of database that you plan to use,
  3. Upload it to the server where you plan to host ActiveCollab,
  4. Visit probe.php using your browser. Script will run the test and show you the results.

Each test can have one of the three outputs:

  1. OK (#008000 green) - requirement is met.
  2. Warning (#FFA500 orange) - test did not pass, but ActiveCollab does not require that environment option to run. Warnings are usually throw in case of missing extensions that are optional, but good to have, or in cases in early warning about deprecated functionality.
  3. Error (#FF0000 red) - requirement is not met and you will not be able to run ActiveCollab until you reconfigure your environment to support it. Errors are throw in case of missing extensions, or environment settings that will break ActiveCollab (like some unsupported opcode cache extensions).

That's it!

Remove when Done

When you are done, don't forget to remove the script from your server. This is a debugging type of software, that may show too much info about your platform to someone who should not be able to access that data. Because of that, it's highly recommended that you remove it from production server as soon as you complete a task at hand (installing or troubleshooting ActiveCollab).

ActiveCollab Support

If you have any questions or need our assistance, please get in touch: