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Save time and headaches, and create a more easily maintainable set of pages, with ActiveScaffold. ActiveScaffold handles all your CRUD (create, read, update, delete) user interface needs, leaving you more time to focus on more challenging (and interesting!) problems.
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ActiveScaffold provides a quick and powerful user interfaces for CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations for Rails applications. It offers additonal features including searching, pagination & layout control. Rails >= 4.2.0 is supported, ruby >= 2.3 required.

Branch Details

3-5-stable supports rails >= 4.0.x and ruby >= 2.0.0
3-4-stable supports rails >= 3.2.x and ruby >= 1.9.3
3-3-stable supports rails >= 3.2.x and ruby >= 1.8
rails-3.2 supports Rails 3.1 & 3.2, and is the current source of the 3.2.x line of gems.

Quick Start

To get started with a new Rails project

Added to Gemfile

gem 'active_scaffold'

For rails >= 5.1, add jquery to application.js before rails-ujs (with jquery-rails), or load jquery in your layout before application.js using CDN (e.g. jquery-rails-cdn). You can replace rails-ujs with jquery_ujs, although rails-ujs should work (never load both).

//= require jquery

gem 'jquery-rails'

Run the following commands, for rails 4.2

bundle install
rails g active_scaffold:install
bundle exec rake db:create
rails g active_scaffold:resource Model [attrs]
bundle exec rake db:migrate

Or run the following commands, for rails 5

bundle install
rails g active_scaffold:install
rails db:create
rails g active_scaffold:resource Model [attrs]
rails db:migrate

Run the app and visit localhost:3000/<plural_model>


Threadsafe can be enabled calling ActiveScaffold.threadsafe! in an initializer. It should be enabled on app start and it can't be disabled. Threadsafety is a new feature and not well tested yet.


See Wiki for instructions on customising ActiveScaffold and to find the full API details.


ActiveScaffold grew out of a project named Ajaxscaffold dating back to 2006. It has had numerous contributors including:

ActiveScaffold Gem/Plugin by Scott Rutherford (, Richard White (, Lance Ivy (, Ed Moss, Tim Harper and Sergio Cambra (

Uses DhtmlHistory by Brad Neuberg (

Uses Querystring by Adam Vandenberg

Uses Paginator by Bruce Williams

Supports RecordSelect by Lance Ivy and Sergio Cambra


Released under the MIT license (included)

A ruby translation project managed on Locale that's open to all!

Contributing to active_scaffold

  • Edit the translations directly on the active_scaffold project on Locale.
  • That's it!
  • The maintainer will then pull translations from the Locale project and push to Github.

Happy translating!

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