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Reference-Counting Issue in Middleman #75

Neverlord opened this Issue · 0 comments

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As mentioned in #71 (comment), libcppa fails to close unused connections to remote actors.

@Neverlord Neverlord closed this issue from a commit
@Neverlord Neverlord implemented logging and default_protocol
libcppa emits log4j compatible output now to make use of available tools;
middleman uses `continuable_writer` and `continuable_reader` interfaces only;
´default_protocol´ encapsulates libcppa's binary protocol now;
`remote_actor` checks wheter a previous connection to the host already exists;
actor proxies are stored as weak pointers in peers, fixes #75;
`default_peer` created with `remote_actor` close connection on last proxy exit;
poll and epoll share meta data implementation and event-interface;
no global proxy cache, belongs to `protocol`/`actor_addressing` now;
new configure option: `--with-cppa-log-level`;
`to_string` is no longer a template (enables proper overload resolution)
@Neverlord Neverlord closed this in 561b43b
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