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A real-time RGB LED display for the Raspberry Pi.


Fast setup with Docker

Manual install


Test the thing

  • Open a browser and point it to the IP of the display server.
  • "Next" and "Previous" buttons will increment and decrement a counter
  • "Visual Editor link" opens an editor. Select a color, paint the grid, then click "Send" to update the Physical Display

Flow for the Basic Demo, all on a single Pi

Another flow with an online Node JS Hub

Several config are possible.

More info

Blog post with a Quick Demo Video (Please leave comments and questions over on our blog)

If you want to replicate the full Demo with Minecraft, you'll need some more directions. See Minecraft Demo how-to.

Some more details about the stack


  • Post doc about communication protocol
  • Add data providers code and demos
  • Add real world use cases

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