Custom stylesheets for Brett Terpstra’s Marked 2 app
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Marked Custom Styles

My custom stylesheets for Brett Terpstra’s Marked 2 app. You can find an explanation of what that means at the Marked Custom Styles repository.


Based on the Kult custom style from Peter Sziebig (@bigpe). Goals:

  • Pleasing readability (via Adobe’s Source Sans Pro typeface)
  • Mobile first with consideration for high-density (“retina”) screen resolutions
  • Support for a wide range of mark-up/down
  • Support for custom styles for a résumé document, including styles for the heading, .article-list, .article-title, and .article-date elements, and custom code to style and position the time period of a project or job via the .projects__time-period class


Custom style based on my website.