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jQuery UI Scrollbar

This is a simple scrollpane type component for jQuery UI. It is intended to be a general purpose component, used anytime you need a custom JS scrollbar in a jQuery UI environment. It is adapted out of frustration of turning the slider example of a horizontal scrollbar into a vertical scrollbar.


Using the plugin is simple. Just include jQuery, jQuery UI, js/jquery.ui.scrollbar.js (or the minified version), and css/jquery.ui.scrollbar.css. If you want to use the mouse wheel handler, make sure you include [Brandon Aaron's mouse wheel jQuery plugin] (https://github.com/brandonaaron/jquery-mousewheel).

  $(".scroll-pane").scrollbar({orientation: 'vertical'});

Where .scroll-pane is the name of the element(s) you want to wrap. By default the plugin will set the orientation to 'horizontal'.


Other options that can be set are:

  • scrollFactor - How far the mousewheel will scroll per event.
  • easing - The easing function to use for the scrolling animation.
  • animationDuration - How long (in milliseconds) the animation will take for one unit (divided by distance).

The default options are:

	orientation: "horizontal",
	scrollFactor: 15,
	easing: 'linear',
	animationDuration: 20


If the content inside of the scrollbar changes in size, the .resize() method should be called. Since this component is written as a UI widget, this method needs to be called a certain way:


One day, all browsers may actually support a resize event for all elements and not just the window object.


By default, the plugin will use your default jQuery UI theme.

If you want to theme the plugin, there is an example of a theme in the css/themes/greyshade.css file. This theme is used in the example.