All the joy of HL1606 LED strips but with 9 or 12 bit color control!
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This Arduino Library will let you PWM color-control an HL1606-based RGB LED strip. 
Its capable of 3, 4 or even 5 bit color per LED (9, 12, 15 bit RGB) depending on the length of the strip

RAM usage: 3 times the number of LEDs (in bytes) plus maybe 24 more after that
CPU usage: settable from 0-100 percent

Timer 2 is used to run the PWM in the background

Pins 11 and 13 (hardware SPI must be used), an additional pin is required for the latch

If you don't need PWM support, see for basic LED strip control


To download, click *DOWNLOADS* in the top right


To install, see our tutorial here