A version of the OneWire Arduino library with MAX31850 support
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OneWire library for Arduino with MAX31850 support

This version is based on V2.0 from pjrc but with MAX31850 support

Version 2.0 fixes search bugs (thanks to Robin James) and interrupt issues.

This is a slightly modified version of the OneWire library originally written by Jim Studt for arduino-0007 and later updated for arduino-0008 by Josh Larios.  This new version eliminates the large lookup table that was previously used by the checksum calculation - otherwise it's identical to Josh's version.  It was developed under arduino-0010.

For a general description and links, see


Jim Studt's original verion of this library is still available at


Josh Larios' version is available at 


To install this library, you should just have to unzip the archive in the arduino-0010/hardware/libraries directory.  It will create a subdirectory
called 'OneWire'.

Tom Pollard
May 20, 2008