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This is caching and prefetching middleware for large-scale time series visualization, written completely in JavaScript.

Full-featured aggregated time series data connector for JavaScript charting libraries.

This library makes every charting library able to visualize any amount of data. It handles communication with server to get proper chunk of data in proper time.


  • loads as few data to the browser as is it required to show good visualization
  • automatically picks best aggregation to show to the user
  • supports any aggregation (for example raw data every 10s, then min(x), max(x), avg(x) for 30s, 1m, 10m, 30m, 1h, 8h, 12h, 1d, 7d, 30d, 90d, 1y)
  • optimized communication with server
  • prefetching data to prevent user from waiting
  • data cache (every aggregation stored separately)
  • fallback to higher aggregation if wanted data is not yet loaded to provide best visual experience (you will see lower resolution for for a while)
  • easy integration with any charting library (see explorejs-adapters package)
  • React bindings

Use case

  • you have 150.000.000 points in your database (50 years of data every 10s)
  • you have adequate aggregations (as in the example above)
  • you implement simple, but required, REST endpoint on the server (see explorejs-remote-server package)
  • you have your charting library (flot, dygraphs, highcharts, jqplot, plotly, visjs, dygraphs, etc...)
  • you use explore.js to enable unbounded exploration of given time series
  • your chart displays few (ie 1000) points at a time, explore.js just tells you what to display
  • your browser loads chunks at appriopriate levels

Working demo

(use mouse wheel and shift key to zoom/pan)

works best in Chrome

Video demonstration (older)

How to use it

First, look at explorejs-tester React application. This library is under active development, so there is no official tutorial yet.


Contact me on twitter or fl.borovsky(at)gmail or raise an issue.


Enables big data time series visual exploration for any JavaScript chart




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