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Dark Soda (Monokai) Theme

Nylas N1 Theme - Dark Soda (Monokai). This will theme your N1 client to look more like the text editor theme Dark Soda or Monokai.


  1. Download and unzip or clone this repo git clone https://github.com/adambullmer/N1-theme-DarkSoda

  2. Download and run N1

  3. From the menu, select Developer > Install a Package Manually... The dialog will default to the examples directory. Navigate to the directory you cloned this repo in and select the root folder.

    When you install packages, they're moved to ~/.nylas/packages, and N1 runs apm install on the command line to fetch dependencies listed in the package's package.json

  4. Make sure you are running the dark theme from the N1 preferences. Select Nylas N1 > Preferences > Appearance and check the Use dark color scheme box


As it is right now, packages are a very manual thing in N1, so be sure to check the Release Section for releases. You'll have to reinstall via the steps above.


This package is a theme only and is intended for developers who have experience with LESS / CSS


This project was born out of some incomplete styling of the default dark theme, and has grown into a bigger theme than just style fixes. I add to the stylesheet as I see new sections that should be themed. To report an issue an I need to have:

  • A screenshot of the affected area, preferrably with some surrounding context
  • A suggestion for what color should be used (for a comprehensive list, see the Colors list)
  • How you arrived at that section
  • If it is the result of another plugin, which plugin


I'm open to pull requests, but the base color scheme has been solidified. Only using colors within the theme will be allowed. However, I am open to different / better color usage within the app.