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Launchpad is an opinionated HTML5 starter kit for quick web apps and sites.

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generator-launchpad Build Status Built with Grunt


An opinionated, Yeoman inspired, HTML5 starter kit for quick web apps and sites.

Runtime Options

  • The name of this project?
  • Include third-party libraries?
    • Which extras would you like?
      • jQuery
      • Modernizr
      • Google Analytics
  • Include SASS?
    • reset.css or normalize.css (default)?
      • reset instead of normalize?
  • Your Name?
  • Your Twitter username?

Getting Started

First, install Yeoman and generator-launchpad:

$ npm install -g yo generator-launchpad

Now, whenever you start a new project just initiate the generator:

$ cd ~/project/dir
$ yo launchpad

Lastly, be sure you have the latest version of generator-launchpad:

$ npm update -g generator-launchpad


MIT License

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