Recap - rsync for Adobe Granite
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rsync for CRX! Recap is based on the 'vlt rcp' command, but focuses on providing a simple web interface for syncing content between CRX instances, using a browser or a command-line tool like curl.


  • core (net.adamcin.recap.core) OSGi bundle exporting the basic services and interfaces necessary to build application logic around RecapSessions.

  • addressbook (net.adamcin.recap.addressbook) OSGi bundle providing a Sling Resource-based implementation of RecapAddress manageable using standard Sling HTTP conventions in the form of a personal AddressBook for each user.

  • graniteui (net.adamcin.recap.graniteui) Adobe Vault package for installation on CRX that deploys the core and addressbook bundles in addition to providing a jQuery Mobile-based UI that integrates with the out-of-the-box Adobe Granite chrome. This module is responsible for producing the Recap package on Adobe Package Share.