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OK - the recipe will get you set up, but there are manual steps. You need to log in to the review system, and register the first user.

Add an ssh key, select a username.

Add the gerrit user

cat /var/lib/jenkins/.ssh/ | ssh -p29418 adam@review.local gerrit create-account --email 'jenkins@jenkins.local' --ssh-key - --full-name Jenkins jenkins

Add the Jenkins suer to the Non-Interactive Users group

Manipulate the default permissions.


refs/* + Read -> Non-Interactive Users + Push -> Administrators -> Force Push Checked + Create References -> Administrators refs/heads/* + Push -> Administrators -> Force Push Checked + Label Verified -> Non-Interactive Users (-1/+1) + Label Code Reviewed -> Non-Interactive Users (-1/+1) + Submit -> Registered Users

Configure gerrit for ssh to github

Make sure you add the ssh host key for to gerrit's ssh known hosts, and have restarted gerrit

Configure replication

[remote "github"] url ={name} push = +refs/heads/:refs/heads/ push = +refs/tags/:refs/tags/

Creating a repository

Admin->Projects->Create New Project Name: SHould match the upstream github repo Rights Inherit From: All-Projects

In the project itself

Merge if neccessary Automatically resolve conflicts Require Change ID (If it's open source, add the signed-off-by)

Configure Jenkins

Manage Jenkins->Gerrit Trigger

Hostname: review.local Frontend URL: http://review.local SSH Port: 29418 Username: jenkins

Test Flow for Cookbooks

  • Check Jobs
    • Merge
    • Syntax
    • Foodcritic
  • Gate Tests
    • Syntax
    • Foodcritic
    • Chef Server Dev Environment Update
  • Promotion
    • Dev->Integration
    • Dev->Staging
    • Staging->Production
    • Production->A
    • A->B

Create the first check job

Gate Tests

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