A Little Toy Javascript Module Bundler 🎁
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A toy module bundler, kind of like webpack but missing loads of features ❤️

A module bundler is a tool that takes all of your code and all of your codes dependencies and all of their dependencies (and so on) and puts it into a single, standalone file, usually so it can be run in the browser.

In this repo, I will (attempt to) build a little toy module bundler for learning purposes 📝

The Code

You should look at this post about the code. There's only about 60 lines of code, but there is a lot (I mean a lot) of comments explaining each part

So read it.

Go on.

You know you want to


If you want to test out how it works, the code exports a function that you pass in the full path to your entry point, and it will return the bundle.

const bundle = require('./index')
const entry = __dirname + '/entry.js'



Big thanks to Luciano Mammino for his talk Unbundling the JavaScript module bundler at the July DublinJS meetup - that gave me everything I needed to know to write this. Also giving credit to minipack, which is very similar to this project, mostly as I looked at the source to see how it solved some problems (like name collisions)