An Elixir client for DogStatsd
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A client for DogStatsd, an extension of the StatsD metric server for Datadog.

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Quick Start Guide

First install the library:

  1. Add dogstatsd to your mix.exs dependencies:

    def deps do
        {:dogstatsd, "0.0.3"}
  2. Add :dogstatsd to your application dependencies:

    def application do
      [applications: [:dogstatsd]]

Then start instrumenting your code:

# Require the dogstatsd module.
require DogStatsd

# Configure DogStatsd.
{:ok, statsd} ="localhost", 8125)

# Increment a counter.
DogStatsd.increment(statsd, "page.views")

# Record a gauge 50% of the time.
DogStatsd.gauge(statsd, "", 123, %{sample_rate: 0.5})

# Sample a histogram
DogStatsd.histogram(statsd, "file.upload.size", 1234)

# Time a block of code
DogStatsd.time(statsd, "page.render") do

# Send several metrics at the same time
# All metrics will be buffered and sent in one packet when the block completes
DogStatsd.batch(statsd, fn(s) ->
  s.increment(statsd, "page.views")
  s.gauge(statsd, "", 123)

# Tag a metric.
DogStatsd.histogram(statsd, "query.time", 10, %{tags: ["version:1"]})

You can also post events to your stream. You can tag them, set priority and even aggregate them with other events.

Aggregation in the stream is made on hostname/event_type/source_type/aggregation_key.

# Post a simple message
DogStatsd.event(statsd, "There might be a storm tomorrow", "A friend warned me earlier.")

# Cry for help
DogStatsd.event(statsd, "SO MUCH SNOW", "Started yesterday and it won't stop !!", %{alert_type: "error", tags: ["urgent", "endoftheworld"]})


To suggest a feature, report a bug, or general discussion, head over here.

Change Log

  • 0.0.1
    • Initial release.


dogstatsd-elixir is a port of the Ruby DogStatsd client