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Historical Geocoding Assistant

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The “Historical Geocoding Assistant” is an open-sourced browser-based application for assigning geographic coordinates in a more convenient and faster way than copy-pasting them from services such as Google Maps. The application was designed with historical projects in mind but is suitable for any geocoding work


To cite the software: Adam Mertel, David Zbíral, Zdeněk Stachoň, and Hana Hořínková, ‘Historical Geocoding Assistant’, SoftwareX 14 (2021): 100682,

Essential Features

  • works online with a live Google Spreadsheets table;
  • gathers suggestions of coordinates from gazetteers for instant use (GeoNames, Wikipedia, Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names, Pleiades, and China Historical GIS);
  • integrates search services (Google Maps, Google Search, Peripleo);
  • supports multiple base layers (OpenStreetMap, satellite images, Imperium, etc.);
  • supports multiple overlay layers;
  • allows setting relevant spatial extent;
  • allows spatial uncertainty levels.

Future Development

  • integration of additional gazetteers and other relevant services (World-Historical Gazetteer)
  • possibility to load a custom map service directly from the GUI
  • further improvement of the algorithm to rank and sort geocode suggestions
  • management of the custom parametrization of gazetteer calls
  • integration of line and polygon topologies
  • user management

Testing version

Try it here




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