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Jamf Smart Rename

Script used for automatic renaming based on information stored in Jamf. Ideally, this is used in combination with Inventory Preload or a similar bulk update solution such as The MUT. This could also be used in combination with manual user-input via Self Service, as part of an onboarding or enrollment process, or via some other form of inventory or extension attribute data population. The advantage to this script is that a computer’s name can be updated by simply updating these fields in Jamf or using the Jamf API, with this script set as a recurring policy.

A Jamf API user with read access must be specified in variables 5 & 6, with the name format defined in variable 4, as one of the following options: location, asset, or network. If no format is specified, serial number is used instead.

Rename Computer Based on Jamf Location Info


Renames computers based on computer location info set in Jamf, using serial number lookup. Pulls multiple pieces of info from location for each computer record and combines into a computer name. Converts full building and department names in Jamf's Network Organization settings into standard abbreviations, defined in this script.

This could be used for one-to-many deployments such as shared computer labs where workstations are individually numbered. In this example, the “position” field is used in a one-to-many deployment with no primary user. This information could also be stored in a custom EA field.

Rename Computer Based on Asset Tag


Renames a computer based on asset tag info set in Jamf, using serial number lookup. Specify a shared company abbreviation as a prefix in variable 7.

Rename Computer Based on Hardware Address


This renames using the hardware address of en0 of the Mac, for use in environments where the hardware address may be desirable as a unique name.

Rename Computer Based on Serial Number


This simply renames using the serial number of the Mac, ensuring you have unique names.

This script builds on this script by McLeanSchool.


Scripts related to automatic/smart renaming based on information stored in Jamf.