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IRPG Website

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Based on IRPG Website v0.5 from

Installation from Source

  1. Make sure you have the bot functional and running.
  2. Copy all the files here to your public_html or some folder.
  3. Edit config.php with your favorite editor.
  4. chmod 644 * && chmod 666 hits.db
  5. If you change the default settings in the IRPG bot (for example, if you turn off the option to write quest info to file, you'll have to manually edit some scripts to take this into account. If you disable the INFO command, you might want to remove it from the index.php page.
  6. Some code in this package requires that your system have GD 2.0+ (or have it enabled in your php.ini, on Win32). If you don't want this functionality to be available, edit the script playerview.php to remove the use of the map and header.php to remove the links to the world map and the quest info page. You can also delete the worldmap.php, makeworldmap.php, makemap.php, quest.php, and makequestmap.php scripts.
  7. Edit the website ANY WAY you see fit. You don't have to keep all of the links to me, I just thought they might be useful or interesting to users :^)


The latest release of the site is available as a docker container

docker run --name=idlerpg-site -ti -v $(pwd):/config -p 8000:80 adamus1red/idlerpg:latest

or if you prefer docker-compose

version: '3.3'
        container_name: idlerpg-site
            - '$(pwd):/config'
            - '8000:80'
        image: 'adamus1red/idlerpg:latest'