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ksed commented May 6, 2021

Describe the bug

I've built the verdaccio/verdaccio:local local image (Windows 10 latest, Docker Desktop) but cannot build the v4/5 reverse_proxy docker-examples.

To Reproduce

  1. cd verdaccio && pnpm docker

  2. cd verdaccio\docker-examples\v4\reverse_proxy\nginx\relative_path\ OR
    cd verdaccio\docker-examples\v5\reverse_proxy\nginx_relative\

  3. docker-compose up

sojan-official commented May 24, 2021

When sending an SMS response in Chatwoot, I am character limited to 140 or whatever. However, when I go to "New message" via the contacts panel, I am not character limited, and I was able to send a 300 character test message out. This is an inconsistency in the UI, and not sure why do the character limit, if we can successfully send larger messages


feutl commented Sep 4, 2019

After running NC with NCP for more then a year with over 2 million files stored on it, I asked myself if the mysql/mariadb DB needs to be maintained?
I searched the internet and the simplest solution I found was using

sudo mysqlcheck -o --all-databases

This reduced the DB size from around 950MB to a little over 800MB and NC seems to be a little more responsive (but this could homeopat

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