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YAML language service built on top of vscode-json-languageservice and intended for similar usage. It powers the YAML language extension for Visual Studio Code.

NPM version


To provide a YAML editor experience that has parity with the JSON.

  • doValidation analyses an input string and returns syntax and lint errors.
  • doHover provides hover text for a given location.
  • findDocumentSymbols provides all symbols in the given document
  • format formats the code.

The following functionality is incomplete:

  • doComplete provides completion proposals for a given location.
  • doResolve resolves a completion proposals.


Contributions are welcome!

To install dependencies and begin work, run:

npm install

To run tests:

npm test

vscode-json-languageservice type definitions

This depends on internals of vscode-json-languageservice where relevant type information is not currently published (see Microsoft/vscode-json-languageservice#11). To workaround this limitation, external type definitions are used. When newer type definitions are needed, manually compile vscode-json-languageservice locally and copy the resulting type definitions over the definitions in the types directory of this project.